TruConnect is next generation intuitive captive portal platform, enabling complete new way to manage & personalize and monetize from Venue WIFI Or Hotspot WIFI. Innovative tool for WIFI operators to sell managed wifi services to retailers and small businessess. Enabling business users to easily add hotspots and personalize the look and feel, roll out campaigns across all hostpots or select few at click of button. Truconnect integrates with Truprofiler- a unique subscriber profiler that captures subscriber details from Social media ( FB, Twitter, Google Plus etc) or via surveys to be able to  offer targeted campaigns and relevant advertising in real time

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Description Description

In the times of complex coded portal software and challenging marketing requirements, operators require a portal structure which can adapt to operator’s marketing needs as frequently as these are generated. TruConnect is a revolutionary portal UI which has been put in place to answer all complex requirements of ever evolving market in today’s times.

TruConnect is the easy-to-use software to manage multiple clients & their users i.e. multi-vendor Access Points and WLANs, from just one place. The first ever feature of “Zone Management” is the USP of TruConnect which is the first of its kind in today’s time. The TruConnect Dashboard allows simultaneous monitoring and management of multiple access points, with individual or centralized SSIDs, responsive splash page and its customization, multiple types of authentication and social login, located in one place or in remote locations

Features Key Features

Partner self management

Your WIFI partners ( retailers/ small offices  etc ) can self manage the portal look and feel to match their requirement, can do digital advertising for their partner products on the captive portal. They can also view reports and assign access rights to their staff team.


Zone Management

Creating Zones under one client where similar pages are to be shown. E.g. Starbucks present in one area under same locality with provision to create “Client root node” where parameters to distinguish portal pages are present. It also offers Flexibility to integrate access gateway pages with multiple set of query parameters. Integration capabilities with multi-vendor access controller for login over HTTP(s), Automatic detection of Access-Controller.

Portal Customization and Personalization with branding Capabilities

Deployment of Location/Service aware Portal for Branding and localization. Capabilities to scan Vendor/Location/Site Database with respective network identification parameters i.e. SSID name, AP MAC or IP Pool or any other configurable parameters available from the access controller. Web-GUI based Customization.

Access Rights Management

TruConnect has multiple users’ category which allows creating and managing user accounts that will be accessing TruConnect portal. The rights for accessing various permissions & features depend on the access groups assigned to the user accessing TruConnect.

Authentication Capabilities and redirection

UI and Portal authentication interface for multiple services i.e. Walk-In Subscriber, Portal based Offload, Pre-Activated Vouchers for Short time usage etc. Features such as subscriber self-service sign up, WLAN configuration support, Check details of the balance etc are supported in the captive portal. Configurable Start Page/URL upon Login success with Redirection to desired URL and support for Walled Garden sites.

Multiple Device compatibilities support with device specific portal page

Smart detection of device type and automatic landing to the device specific portal page.

SMS/ Email based notification with configurable message

Configurable message format for SMS and Email notifications to subscribers, Send alerts for various events (i.e. Login, Logout, Registration etc.). Configurable error messaging for all events (Login , Logout ,Recharge , Payments)

Benefits Key Benefits

  • Add Multiple Hotspots or partners instantly fully configurable no need for coding.
  • Hotspot managers can self manage the portal, campaigns and view reports
  • Deployable on hosted model, with support for multi-tenancy add multiple partners on the same platform
  • Support for B2B and B2B2C WiFi models
  • Inbuilt Content Management System, to manage the advertisements and banners and have them reflected across all or selected locations instantly. Or have them separate for each partner. Partner can himself edit, create templates for themselves or select from our pre-populated library.
  • All Captive portals can be managed from a single place
  • Fully responsive TruConnect is mobile and Web friendly

Use Cases Use Cases

  • Different campaigns at different locations
  • Festival special offers specific for certain time
  • Contextual offers
  • Survey based marketing
  • Partner wise different captive portal and campaigns
  • Different branding, product offerings and captive portals for dif­ferent SSIDs with the same physical access points.


  • Software based platform with ease of management via intuitive GUI
  • Supported Ad formats- HTML, JPEG, FLASH, Videos, Promotional links, GIFs and
  • Interactive Ad panel format with resizing capabilities allowing mobile Ad unit to expand from a standard size to larger size..
  • Device Agnostic – Large Screen (i.e. Desktops, Notebook etc.) Apple iPAD, iPhone & iPOD , Blackberry OS 5 & 7, Android 2.3 or higher, Symbian and Windows Mobile Support Multi Device Portal (i.e. Large Screen and Smart Phone) in Single Instance.
  • Supports integration with All Access Controllers/ Access Points.