TruCampaign offers an extensive campaign platform to publishers and advertisers. Generate highest ROI with extremely targeted selling and optimize the cost for each impression. Rule based it integrates with TruProfiler to show the exact product or campaign the customer may be looking for in real time

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Description Description

TruCampaign connects advertisers, publishers to publish ads ( Banner, GIF, Video) on websites, portals, Mobile Apps etc and provide detailed reporting, Views, Clickthrough, CTM, CPM and more, Preintegrated with Truecom products it enables support dynamic rule based mechanism for enabling behavioural and contextual targeting and hence enable highest uptake.


  • UI based platform, with easy selection options to create and monitor campaigns
  • Display highly Localized content and targeted content
  • Check & Update Campaign Status
  • Reporting Dashboard for – delivery based on the number of impressions, clicks, leads, sales.
  • Addition of multiple Publishers and Advertisers.
  • Template of 50 plus categories for the content type and flexibility to add more.
  • Flexibility to add customized campaigns with field details as below:-
    • Type and no of sites.
    • List of Ad places.
  • Add campaigns with a date schedule
  • Customized Banner details with size and type.
  • Preintegrated with TruProfiler, TruWMS, TruConnect.

Specifications Specifications

Rich media Support
  • Image Maps
    • GIF
    • JPG¬†etc.
  • Flash/ Video
    • Tracks impressions and clicks.
  • HTML5
    • HTML table with linked text (Google-like ads)
    • 3rd Party code (usually a piece of code which loads the actual banner)
    • JavaScript (any JavaScript code)
    • Text
    • XML
Plugins supported
  • Automatic banner retrieval and update
  • XSLT templates
Integrations capabilities
  • Web Services API- To integrate with existing operator elements
  • Third Party Open Interfaces to integrate with legacy & operator elements

How it works How it works

  • Registration
    • Free Trial for 30 days contacts us @sales
    • Monthly paid Subscription for Advertiser & Publisher.
  • Access
    • Access via Web portal
    • Uploads & configurations done online.
  • Integration Services
    • One Time integration services with TruCampaign.
  • Support
    • Remote On Call Support. 8×5 Business days.