TruAnalytics is a modern age analytics tool which provides all next door level reports & analysis for customer’s marketing business teams. It provides all the answers to rapidly changing marketing schemes & ever-grooming business needs of services providers.

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Description Description

Truecom Analytics platform is a Reporting & Business Intelligence tool which provides an intuitive platform to monitor and analyze data services through dashboard based reporting to visualize data in minutes (in-fact seconds) by its unique programming approach. It supports both structured and unstructured data available &offers valuable business information , it performs an efficient task of predictive and comparative analysis.

Architecture Reference Architecture

TruAnalytics Architecture

Benefits Key Benefits

  • Truecom Analysis tool is instantly deploy-able. It can be used within a week.
  • Data for analysis often have very different formats. Truecom Analytics ensures that they are synchronized, whether in research, the prediction or the compilation. Hence, it offers various interface adaptor to provide a uniform approach for this
  • Intelligent software coding & tightly knitted algorithms ensure agility & stability of the product. Truecom Analytics is 10-100x faster than existing solutions. It’s designed to support how people think. Drag and drop on the canvas. Leverage your natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly.
  • CSP team can easily add different datasources from the GUI and also create personalized dashboard view and add multiple filters to show graphs/pie diagrams as needed

Use Case Business Use Case

  • 360 degree Analysis – Truecom’s Analytics tool lets you analyze data from all touch points in one place, for a deeper understanding of customer experience.
  • Big Data & More – Access big data with a little effort. Combine scattered data sources without writing code.
  • Data Guided Decisions – Let your data speak intelligence, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-guided decisions with confidence.
  • More than just Real Analytics – Real analytics demands more than a pretty dashboard. Build new calculations from existing data, drag in reference lines and forecasts, and access statistical summaries.

Spotlight Analytics Spotlight

Marketing Analysis
  • TOP Plan/Package Analysis
  • Plan/Package wise Usage
  • Favourite Plan by Location
  • Plan/Package Subscription by Age
  • Comparative historical Plan/Package wise Usage
  • Plan/Package wise User count
  • High Volume usage by Season/Users
  • URL wise Volume usage
Revenue Analysis
  • Historical Revenue wise analysis
  • Subscriber segment wise revenue Analysis
  • Month wise Comparative Revenue Analysis
  • Plan/Package wise Revenue Analysis by Daily,
  • Monthly, Yearly
  • ROI Analysis
Support Analysis
  • TOP Issues
  • Plan/Package wise Ticket generation
  • Ticket count based on type of Issue
  • Daily, Monthly, Yearly ticket generation
  • Success response to the Ticket generation in Hours
Network Operation Analysis
  • Gateways wise Subscriber Count
  • Gateway wise Usage per Day, Month, Year – Gateway wise Control statistics
  • Gateway wise Issue comparison
  • Event wise Alarm Generation
  • Busy hours Gateway Performance
  • Busy Hour Subscriber Statistics

Specification Specification

  • Standard COTS based Robust , Scalable and Intelligent platform
  • Hypervisor Agnostics
  • Support of Standard PUSH/PULL interface Adaptor – SFTP,FTP,DATABASE,SNMP,SMPP,SMTP
  • Support Mongo DB, Hadoop,Postgres , File
  • Flexible Rule based configuration Approach
  • Multi criteria based Aggregation
  • HTTP/HTTPS based GUI for Dashboard
  • Multiple Download format
  • Reports can be scheduled to sent over email
  • Configurable SMS and email Template
  • Selective Data processing mechanism